About Us
We, at Shop4Solutions, aim to bring our customers total peace of mind and balance by offering complete retail solutions, ranging from real estate to interior decorating, from financial management to retail consulting. This service is backed by 30 years of hands-on experience in the retail industry.

emu Ramaiah, the founder/ex CEO of the Landmark chain of book/leisure stores heads this organisation. She started Landmark in 1987 and created a chain of eighteen stores across the country. Landmark is known for its well designed stores, a wide range of international products and legendary
  customer service.

Hemu was also instrumental in getting Landmark the ISO certification which was a first in retail in the country. Landmark has a track record of continuous growth in sales and profits over the last 20 years. She set up landmarkonthenet.com. She also founded a distribution/import/publishing company called Westland Books.

Hemu has always been a trend-setter whether in design, technology, concept or product.

Jai Subramaniam, co-founder of Shop 4 Solutions, is a Chartered Accountant with 30 years of experience in the financial/real estate markets with a deep insight into the workings of the retail industry. He was a director in Landmark.